The WWT National Championship is a championship formerly defended in World Wrestling Television. It was previously known as the WWT Rules Championship. The idea behind the name was that the champion declares on a set of rules which the championship will be defend under. At September week 2 2010, the championship changed its name and became a normal title belt. The championship was unified with the WWT Television Championship at June Week 4 2013.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Jimmy Neutron 3 Jimmy held the title 2 times as the "Rules" title and one time as a "National" title.
Longest reign Eric Cartman 168 days Cartman won the title at Unforgiven Shows 2011 from Jake Long and lost it to Bart Simpson at Televmania VII .
Shortest reign Squidward Tentacles 29 days Squidward defeated Norbert Beaver for the title at Tension Show 2010 , and lost it to Jimmy Neutron 29 days after it, at Monday Night Program #233.

List of championsEdit

Team Reigns Date Won Date lost Days as champion Event Notes
Jimmy Neutron 1 June week 1 2009 October week 1 2009 112 WWT Monday Night Program #161 Jimmy was awarded the title by Mr. TV. He used the "Rules of Science" rules set- He changed the rules when he was going to lose a match.
Skulker 1 October week 1 2009 March week 4 2010 167 WWT Monday Night Program #177 Skulker used the "Skulker rules" rules set- No throwing your opponent over the top rope, no count outs and no jumping on your opponent when he's laying on the mat.
Invader Zim 1 March week 4 2010 June week 4 2010 84 Televmania V Zim used the "Irkan Rules" rules set- Countout of 20, no pinfalls, and if someone will survive in the match longer then 6 minutes he will win the title.
Jimmy Neutron 2 June week 4 2010 September week 1 2010 57 Grudge 2010 Jimmy survived more then 6 minutes with Zim. He used an MMA rules rules set.
Norbert Beaver 1 September week 1 2010 October week 4 2010 55 WWT Monday Night Program #221 Norbert changed the name of the title to WWT National Championship.
Squidward Tentacles 1 October week 4 2010 December week 1 2010 29 Tension Show 2010
Jimmy Neutron 3 December week 1 2010 February week 1 2011 56 WWT Monday Night Program #233
Chouji Akimichi 1 February week 1 2011 March week 4 2011 55 WWT Monday Night Program #241
Kappa Mikey 1 March week 4 2011 June week 4 2011 84 Televmania VI
Jake Long 1 June week 4 2011 September week 4 2011 84 Grudge 2011 Won a Four-Way elimination match that also included Rock Lee and Chouji.
Eric Cartman 1 September week 4 2011 March week 4 2012 168 Unforgiven Shows 2011 The longest reigning champion.
Bart Simpson 1 March week 4 2012 June Week 2 2013 64 Televmania VII It was a four way eliminations match, also included Chris Griffin and Snap.
Skulker 2 June Week 2 2013 June Week 4 2013 20 Monday Night Program Bart lost his title by forfeit after Youngblood attacked him prior to his match with Skulker.
Kappa Mikey 2 June Week 4 2013 King of the WWT 2013 Unified the title with the WWT Television Championship

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