Riot Bot Troopers 1


The Synthetic troopers are robotic soldiers, designed and manufactured by Lucas Wilson, for combat in the Multiverse. They were formally introduced in the early years of the FWM, and have since evolved into the backbone of the FWM's military assets.

Lucas's primary reasoning behind the construction of the Synthetics was to save human military lives and provide an easily accessible supply of troops to keep the numbers high.

The Synthetics are equipped with fully developed AI Cores, which is the life force of each trooper. This made the Synthetics capable of independent thought, as well as developing their own personalities.

Synthetic Variants

  • Infantry- The basic foot soldier, and backbone, of the Synthetic armies. They traditionally wear white armor modeled after the Advanced Soldier RIG from Dead Space.
  • Engineers- The technical 'medics' of the Synthetic forces. While most units are programmed with basic knowledge of self-repair, the Engineers are used for extensive repairs, such as replacing destroyed limbs and stabilizing a critically damaged trooper. In addition, they also double as caretakers of heavy equipment, such as turrets, command posts, and communication utilities.
  • Pilots- The operators of vehicles, aircrafts, and starcrafts. Their armor is light blue to distinguish their status as pilots, and is modeled after the Security armor from Dead Space: Aftermath.
  • Commandos- The elite of the Synthetics, equipped with specialized armor and weapons, as well as far more advanced programming, allowing them to act more intelligently than their common brethren.
  • Marines- Synthetics manufactured for sea warfare.