—Scorpion's iconic catchphrase

Scorpion (MKX)

Hanzo Hasashi, better known as Scorpion, is a resurrected ninja and one of most well-known and popular Mortal Kombat characters and has been playable in all the games, with the exception of the original version of Mortal Kombat 3, As such he was added to the logo of NetherRealm Studios, the successor of Midway Games and is featured on the cover art for Mortal Kombat (2011), alongside Sub-Zero. He has also appeared in a variety of other media in the Mortal Kombat franchise, usually as an antagonist, and made several guest appearances in the unrelated video games.

In the Fiction Wrestling Wrestling (FWM), Scorpion is a professional wrestler currently signed to Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment (UWE), where he is the current UWE Galaxy Champion in his sixth reign, Xtreme Cartoon Wrestling (XCW) and Apex Caliber Wrestling (ACW) on the Ignition brand.

Scorpion is simply put as a living legend and The Icon of UWE. Thought to have retired in 2000 due to a serious and almost fatal neck injury only to return on an edition of Brawl thirteen years later. Scorpion has also found success in numerous companies, varying in singles and tag team competition. Scorpion also holds the infamous honor of being the first and only man to murder another person inside the squared circle, brutally killing Quan-Chi at Barely Legal 2000 after what was coined as a "Pick Your Fatality" Match, it so far has been the only one in history and holds a massive place in history.

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Hanzo Hasashi (MKX)

Hanzo Hasashi (true human form)

Personal Life Edit

Scorpion is currently the husband of UCA Hall of Famer and WCW: Showdown women's wrestler Raye Hino, better known as Sailor Mars. The couple has two children, a boy named Takeda and a girl named Kara.

In Wrestling Edit

Scorpion wields the name from the deadliest species of arachnids, due to his blindingly fast and vicious wrestling skills. But aside from his dangerous ninja agility, he is also a powerhouse in spite of his physical appearance, that looks more like a high-flyer. You would be surprised how strong he is once he catches his enemies in his clutch.

Finishing moves Edit

  • Fatal Annihilation (Belly-to-back Suplex lifted into a Double Knee Backbreaker) – ACW
  • Scorpion Death Drop (Inverted DDT, sometimes preceded by a scoop lift) – adopted from Sting
  • Scorpion Death Lock (Sharpshooter) – adopted from Sting
  • Spear, sometimes from a wrist-lock short-arm
  • The Fatality α / Alpha (Modified Lifting Reverse STO) – ACW
  • The Fatality β / Beta (Fireman's Carry Stunner) – CWA
  • The Fatality Ω / Omega (Front Flip Piledriver) – UWE
  • The Fatality X (Leaping Reverse STO) – XCW

Signature moves Edit

  • 110th Street Slam (High-impact delayed Spinebuster) – XCW; adopted from Booker T
  • Achilles Lock
  • Bloodbath (Spinning Side Slam)
  • Burning Soul (Hammerlock twisted into a Short-range Lariat)
  • Brimstone Suplex (Swinging Leg-hook Belly-to-back Suplex)
  • Brimstone Neckbreaker (Back Suplex lifted and dropped into a Neckbreaker)
  • Corner Springboard Plancha
  • Damnation Combination (Step-up High Knee to a cornered opponent followed by Bulldog)
  • Dead End (Half Nelson Bulldog)
  • Diving Crossbody, sometimes to the outside of the ring
  • Doom Blade (Wrist-lock transitioned into a Short-arm Discus Elbow Smash)
  • Double Knee Facebreaker
  • Dragon Sleeper
  • Falling Inverted DDT
  • Fireman's Carry Gutbuster
  • Grave Digger (Running Pushing Stomp to the head or back of a bent-over opponent)
  • Hellfire (Vertical Suplex Stunner) – CWA
  • Hell Stinger (Lifting DDT)
  • High-angle Senton Bomb
  • Inverted Cloverleaf, sometimes with bodyscissors
  • Mortal Wound (Ranhei) – CWA
  • Multiple Backbreaker variations
    • Argentine, sometimes while dropping to a kneeling position
    • Belly-to-back
    • Canadian, sometimes while dropping to a seated position
    • Capture Suplex onto the knee
    • Catapult
    • Cobra Clutch
    • Eternal Vengeance (Double Underhook)
    • Full Nelson
    • Half Nelson
    • Hair-pull
    • Inverted Facelock followed by a Neckbreaker
    • Inverted Headlock
    • Pendulum
    • Power-Breaker (Powerbomb onto the knee)
    • Scorpion's Sting (Double Knee)
    • Side Slam
    • STO
    • Tilt-a-whirl
  • Multiple kick variations
    • Back followed by a Corner Springboard Sunset Flip from the turnbuckle
    • Drop, sometimes from the top rope
    • Kick of Grievance (Super, sometimes to a kneeling opponent)
    • Pendulum Overhead from out of the corner, as a counter to an oncoming opponent
    • Punishment Hammer (Pop-up Lifting to the opponent's midsection)
    • Soulless Sidekick (Running Arched Big Boot to a cornered opponent)
    • Spectre's Affliction (Corkscrew Scissors)
    • Step-up Enzuigiri
  • Multiple rib breakers
  • Muscle Buster, sometimes from the second rope
  • NetherRealm Skullbreaker (One-man Con-chair-to) – used mainly in hardcore matches
  • Olympic Slam
  • Pumphandle Neckbreaker
  • Rolling Revenge (Super Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam)
  • Scoop Lift into an Over-the-shoulder Back-to-belly Piledriver
  • Scorpion Stinger (Inverted Sharpshooter / Straitjacket Crossface combination)
  • Single Leg Boston Crab
  • Slingshots out of the ring and slaps the face of an opponent draped on the second rope
  • Somersault Leg Drop
  • Standing Moonsault Side Slam
  • Standing Shiranui
  • Stands on the shoulders of an opponent draped over the second rope
  • Spine Breaker (Backbreaker followed by a Gutbuster)
  • Spinning Back Fist
  • Spinning Spinebuster
  • Springboard Moonsault
  • Suicide Dive
  • Tormentum (Twisting Samoan Drop)
  • Tornado DDT, sometimes Inverted
  • Underworld's Welcome (Lifting Rolling Cutter)

With Sub-Zero Edit

Double team finishing moves Edit

  • Death Sentence (Bear Hug (Sub-Zero) / Diving Leg Drop (Scorpion) combination)
  • Flawless Victory (Inverted Vertical Suplex (Scorpion) / Inverted Powerslam (Sub-Zero) combination) – XCW
  • The Execution (Powerbomb (Scorpion) / Neckbreaker (Sub-Zero) combination) – XCW

Double team signature moves Edit

  • Assisted Swinging Side Slam
  • Aided Snap Swinging Neckbreaker
  • Catapult by Scorpion into DDT by Sub-Zero
  • Clothesline (Sub-Zero) / Double Knee Backbreaker (Scorpion) combination
  • Double Suplex
  • Inverted Atomic Drop by Scorpion followed by a Running Dropkick to the knees by Sub-Zero followed by an Inverted STF by Scorpion followed by a Running Dropkick to the face of the opponent by Sub-Zero
  • Inverted Sitout Side Powerslam (Sub-Zero) / Running Cutter (Scorpion) combination
  • Kneeling Side Slam by Sub-Zero followed by a Frog Splash by Scorpion
  • Running Arched Big Boot (Scorpion) / Enzuigiri (Sub-Zero) combination to a cornered opponent
  • Samoan Drop (Sub-Zero) / Diving Neckbreaker (Scorpion) combination
  • Scoop Slam by Sub-Zero followed by Elbow Drops from both Sub-Zero and Scorpion
  • Spinning Sole Kick by Sub-Zero followed by a Superkick from Scorpion and then finished with a simultaneous Jumping Enzuigiri (Sub-Zero) / Superkick (Scorpion) combination
  • Spinning Spinebuster (Sub-Zero) / Double Knee Backbreaker (Scorpion) combination
  • Wheelbarrow Facebuster (Sub-Zero) / Double Knee Facebreaker (Scorpion) combination

Managers Edit

Nicknames Edit

  • "The NetherRealm Warrior"
  • "The Hell Ninja"
  • "The Icon of UWE / Mortal Kombat"
  • "The Hellfire Spectre"
  • "The Violent Icon"
  • "Shirai Ryu's Assassin"
  • "The Pariah of Backbreakers"

Entrance themes Edit

  • "Immortal" by Adema (DCA)
  • "The Pick-Axe Murders" by Cannibal Corpse (UCW)
  • "I Will Be Heard" by Hatebreed (UCW; used while teaming with Sub-Zero)
  • "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash (VGWA)
  • "Walk Away From the Sun" by Seether (UWE)
  • "Down With the Sickness" by Disturbed (CWA)
  • "Unstable" by Adema (XCW)
  • "Red Lottery" by Megasus (XCW, as part of the Knighthood of Assassins)
  • "Fight" by CFO$ (ACW; August 2, 2013 – present)
  • "Reap" by The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (FFF; August 23, 2014 – present)

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

Cartoon Wrestling Alliance Edit

Digital Championship Alliance Edit

  • DCA Intermediate Championship (1 time and final)

Fiction Wrestling Awards Edit

  • Grappler of the Year (2015)

Gaming Wrestling Alliance Edit

  • GWA Tag Team Championship (3 times) – with Sub-Zero as Gaming's Most Wanted

Ultimate Championship Wrestling Edit

  • UCW Undisputed Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Sub-Zero

Ultimate Gaming Wrestling Federation Edit

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Edit

Video Game Wrestling Alliance Edit

  • VGWA Championship (1 time)

Xtreme Cartoon Wrestling Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Scorpion has held the UWE Omega Championship while teaming with Sub-Zero in his Duos Championship reign.
  • Scorpion lasted in the Rumble Royale for the longest time of 2 hours, 42 minutes and 13 seconds.
  • Scorpion was a part of the first-ever Hell in a Cell Match when he defended the UWE Omega Championship against Akuma and Mael Radec.
  • Scorpion also won the UWE X-Treme Championship in the first-ever Ambulance Match against Nemesis.