The Rookie Revolution is an interpromotional fiction wrestling stable. The group is dedicated to the goal of removing those who they deem "unworthy" in Fiction Wrestling, mainly veterans whom they feel hog the spotlight, to allow more deserving rookies and held-down veterans to take their spots. They are also notable for treating other members like family, rather than simply as teammates.

Background Edit

  • Formation: WWE: Animated before X-Roads
  • Companies: All
  • Leader: Souichi Sugano
  • Members: See below
  • Allies: N/A
  • Rivals: Most of the fictional wrestling world
  • Status: Active

History Edit

Souichi sugano 420

Souichi Sugano, leader of the movement

WWE: Animated Edit


Universal Character Association Edit

On the second-to-last episode of Flame before Royal Reckoning, Starforce Megaman and Lightning Farron were revealed to have joined the stable.

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Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Edit

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Fiction Wresting Entertainment Edit

Debut; The Gold Aces (2017–present) Edit

On the Blitzkrieg the week after FWE's first pay-per-view after the reboot, Clockwork, Black Mage, a RiseUp! superstar, interrupted the show by attacking Doug Walker in the middle of his main event match against FWE Champion the Angry Video Game Nerd. The same week, on RiseUp!, Black Mage showed up with a Rookie Revolution armband, explaining that, after this "soft reboot", he believed the Valants, the very ones who had promised the rookies would've came first in their company, had ate their words back.

Soon, developmental superstars Diablo, EOW: BLADE-7 and Big Bandit joined the main roster, all wearing the Rookie Revolution armbands. After a few weeks, Black Mage called the three out during a segment on a weekly RiseUp!, and announced themselves as "The Gold Aces". Following that episode, Black Mage has officially become branch leader of FWE.

Animated Wrestling Entertainment Edit

Awesome Championship Wrestling Edit

During Spring Breakdown, Kendra Daniels was revealed to be a member of the Revolution in a backstage segment while Alpha & Omega unveiled their membership during their entrances

Northern Carnage Wrestling Edit

During a show held in North Carolina, Chris House made his debut in NCW and, with the help of his siblings, won the NCW X-Pro Championship by defeating Ash Ketchum. The Houses later assaulted Crash Bandicoot.

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Cartoon Wrestling Alliance Edit

Wrestling Next Door Edit

Prior to WND's televised debut, Sector W of the Kids Next Door joined the stable's ranks as 'trainee' members. Since then, their goal has been to prove themselves worthy of being full members of the group. Sector W was made a full-on Rookie Revolution branch following Pride and Glory.

Championship Extreme Wrestling Edit

During their time as an individual group, Cinder's Faction was offered to become official members of the Rookie Revolution by Vaas. The offer was accepted, and Cinder's Faction officially joined the Rookie Revolution in December.

Branches Edit

Due to the sheer amount of members of the Rookie Revolution, the group is divided into company-based branches. Each branch has its' "branch leader", who leads the other members of the branch. It should be noted that some members of the Rookie Revolution are members of different branches, since they work for different companies, and it is possible for a branch leader to have to submit to the authority of another branch leader in those cases.

Current membersEdit

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See also: Blood Money Syndicate

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FWE Edit

See also: The Gold Aces

WWT Edit

See also: Full Blooded Nicktoons

AWE Edit

  • Phanto

CWF Edit


  • Chisa Yomada (branch leader)
  • Victor the Schoolbully
  • Russia

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See also: Sector W

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Former membersEdit

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In Wrestling Edit

Entrance themes Edit

  • "It's a New Day" by Adelitas Way (2012 – present; also Souichi's singles theme)
  • "Architects" by Rise Against (2014 – present; alternate theme)

Championships and Accomplishments Edit

Anime Wrestling Federation Edit

Apex Caliber Wrestling Edit

Cartoon Anime Society Z Edit

  • CASZ Women's Championship (1 time) – Chisa Yomada

Character Championship Wrestling Edit

Cultural Evolution Wrestling Edit

  • CEW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time) – Mercury Black
  • CEW X-Factor Championship (1 time) – Mercury Black
  • CEW Women's Championship (1 time) – Cinder Fall

Cartoon Wrestling Alliance Edit

  • CWA Aerial Assault Championship (1 time) – Starkiller
  • CWA Women's Championship (1 time) – Nico Robin

Cartoon Wrestling Federation Edit

  • CWF Hardcore Championship (1 time) – Stan Smith

Fiction Wrestling Entertainment Edit

Forever Wrestling Federation Edit

  • FWF World Heavyweight Championship (1 time, current) – Carl Grimes
  • FWF Worldwide Championship (1 time, inaugural) – Carl Grimes

Global Pride Wrestling Edit

  • GPW Horizon Championship (1 time, current) - Byron Masters

Lemon Brook Federation Edit

  • LBF Nebula Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Jason Krueger and RC Bane

Northern Carnage Wrestling Edit

Total Championship Wrestling Edit

  • TCW World Championship (1 time) – Christian Din
  • TCW No Limits Championship (1 time) – Stan Smith
  • TCW Vixxen's Championship (1 time) – Shayne Daniels

Universal Character Association Edit


  • UEPW Universe Heavyweight Championship (1 time) – Darwin Watterson
  • UEPW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Mordecai and Rigby
  • Money in the Bank  – Darwin Watterson

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WWE: Animated Edit

World Wrestling Television Edit

Xtreme Cartoon Wrestling Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The reason why FWE went so long without a Rookie Revolution branch is because the Valant family, owners of the company, always had a relatively "pro-rookie" attitude, which kept the group's attention away from the company. However, Capricorn's return and subsequent win of the World Heavyweight Championship in 2017 changed the attitude of the stable towards the company, which led to the formation of a branch.
  • The UEPW branch is the largest, with its' 12 active members, as well as the largest by counting members unique to a company only, which are seven. The AWE branch, on the other hand, is the smallest, with its' sole member.