The Rival Empire was a Fiction Wrestling stable that competed in UCA. As the name suggests, the stable was comprised of 'rival' characters, mostly from video games, who were tired of main protagonists getting the spotlight, and were out to take over UCA and claim the attention they felt they deserved. The group became one of the most powerful stables in UCA history before it dissolved throughout 2006 after Final Clash.




Ever since the two debuted, Red and Blue, both from Pokémon Adventures and the Gen 1 Pokémon games, had been rivals, the rivalry going from friendly to one of pure mutual hatred. Blue was particularly angered by what he saw as preferential treatment - he believed Red was always treated better because he was a main character, whereas he was a rival and never given the same treatment and opportunities. These feelings came to a head when Blue attacked Red prior to the 2005 Royal Rumble, taking his spot, winning the match and sidelining Red for a year. In doing this, he earned a shot against then-UCA World Heavyweight champion, Gold, Red's protege, who vowed to defeat Blue and avenge his mentor.

Meanwhile, Force the Fox, UCA's owner and General Manager, was forced to vacate the latter position after being run over. His replacement was Ken 'The Digimon Emperor' Ichijouji, a longtime heel manager in UCA.


In WrestlingEdit

Championships and AccomplishmentsEdit

  • UCA Universe Heavyweight Championship (1 time, longest-reigning, first-ever, creator of title with Blue)
  • UCA Intercontinental Championship (3 times; 2 times with Sasuke, 1 time with Shadow)
  • UCA World Tag Team Championship (3 times; 2 time with Shadow and Knuckles, 1 time with Knuckles and Crunch)
  • UCA Cruiserweight Championship (1 time with Zuko)
  • UCA Hardcore Championship (3 times; 1 time with Crunch Bandicoot, 2 times with Wario)