Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson at an NCW event.
Vital statistics
Position Commentator/TV Executive
Age 37
Status Active
Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight 224 LBS
Paul Johnson is the General Manager of CEW. He has been formerly employed by CEW's predecessor CXWE and Northern Carnage Wrestling as a TV Executive. Paul is often known to censor violence in the FWM.

CXWE/NCW & Hiatus (2013) Edit

Paul Johnson showed up in NCW in June and began to complain on NCWs violence. He then gained control to the Fiction Wrestling Twitter accounts and began to disconnected people that argued with him giving him complete control. He then appeared on NCW a commentator interuppting Bret Hart and Joey Styles commentating. He then appeared agian and was announced as a offical part of NCWs personal commentating with Joey Styles on the 6/29/13 addition of Prime(NCWs weekly show). Paul joined Joey Styles and Mick Foley at comentary for  American Tribute were Paul revealed is liking of the Rookie Revolution

In CXWE Paul became TV executive as well although CXWEs chairman Red was not so sure. Paul hasn't yet appeared on screen but on a episode of CXWE Red found a rock with Paul's name on it tossed through his window. But on Flashback (a web show for CXWE) Paul barged in after a interview and three guys jumped Hiccup and Eddy. Paul also has attacked Streak by himself after Streak kept arguing with him. The following week Paul canncelled a match betweeen Roadkill and Streak telling Red " Do you want to lose your best wrestlers?" In the back drew Cage confronted Paul but Paul ignored him. After the show Paul was jumped by Roadkill and chokeslammed through a tableTHe following week Paul and his bodyguards were attacked by the Extreme Alliance and Roadkill. Paul vowed revenge on them and NCW.

At the NCW-CXWE supershow Heatstrike Paul joined Joey styles, Jack and Zack at the commentating table. Paul would insult NCW and CXWE and insult Joey Styles. Halfway trhough the show Paul left the commenting table. Backstage Joel Gertner tried to interviewed Paul about what he had planned for NCW and CXWE but Paul pushed Joel out of the way. Paul came out right before the match between Streak and Drew started. He said that he wasn't getting toyed around any longer and will start the end of CXWE and NCW. HE introduced the first two members of the Network which were Streak and Drew's rivals the Lees. The Lees attacked Drew and Streak as Paul watched.

CEW (2015-present) Edit