Vital statistics
Position Wrestler
Age Biologically: 2 Years Old

Programmed: 18 Years Old

Status Deceased
Physical attributes
Height 6'8
Weight 300 LBS

Background Information:

Jack-035 (originally King Joe) is a robot made by Lucas Wilson and was originally used as a training droid for combat but has recently been able to go out and do more human related activities.  He was in a relationship with Jenny Wakeman.  Jack is a rather cool and calm guy who loves to have fun and fight whenever the time calls.  He cares deeply for Jenny and goes to great lengths to protect her though sometimes a bit extreme though the two get along just fine.  Jack however was ultimately destroyed by the bounty hunter Durge as the Powerpuff Girls hired him to get him out of the way.


  • Flight
  • Machine Gun Hands
  • Shoulder Cannons
  • Chest Cannon
  • Paralyzing Missiles
  • Flame Thrower Palms
  • Raptor Mode
  • T-Rex Mode

Raptor Mode:

Jack Raptor

Go ahead, pet him. He won't bite.

The Raptor Mode is a self-defense system that Jack transforms into and his strength and speed increase immensely.  The main downside is that he's unable to access his guns.

T-Rex Mode:


Still want to pet him?

The T-Rex transformation is Jack's second and more powerful form.  His strength, speed, and fire power is increased.  He is able to fire most of his weapons in this state and is incredily durable.