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The Inaba Investigation Team is a Fiction Wrestling stable created in AWF which consists of Persona 4 characters as it's members. In the game, their objective is to investigate on the mysterious murders happening in their hometown of Inaba while facing Shadows in the Midnight Channel. This group can also be called the 'Inaba Scoobies' due to them resembeling Mystery Inc. from the American counterpart, Scooby-Doo.


  • Formation - AWF Season 3
  • Companies - (Currently) AWF
  • Leader - Yu Narukami
  • Members - Yosuke Hanamura, Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi (Backstage Interviewer), Kanji Tatsumi, Teddie/Kuma (unseen), Rise Kujikawa (Yu's Manager) and Naoto Shirogane (unseen)
  • Allies - None
  • Rivals - Black Lagoon Inc.
  • Status - Active


Feud with Black Lagoon IncEdit

During one of the Qualifying Matches to advance to the 4 Gods of Wrestling PPV, Black Lagoon and the Inaba Scoobies manages to get a fight against each other due to the Black Lagoon threatening fellow Inaba member Yukiko Amagi. In the end, the Black Lagoon members beat up Yosuke and Kanji, effectively eliminating them from the Qualifiying Match.

During Black Lagoon's match against Neon Generation X, Yosuke and Kanji manages to recover before distracting them, screwing them from a title shot. They would later had brawl which ends with Black Lagoon beating down Yosuke, Kanji and also Yu.

A week later, the Inaba Scoobies challenged Black Lagoon to a 6 Man Hardcore Tag Team Match in which Black Lagoon accepted. After they accepted the challenge, Yosuke revealed that Black Lagoon's 3rd Member (Benny) was held hostage by the girls who dressed him up in drag.

At 4 Gods of Wrestling, Revy manages to interfere in the 6 Man Match by beating up Yu and Kanji, leaving Yosuke alone to fight only to end us losing. 

The feud however continues after Revy interfered Chie's match with Misaka Mikoto. A week later, Her and Yu's match against Revy and Rock ended in a DQ when Benny and Dutch attacks Yu. Yosuke and Kanji heads to the rescue only to meet the same fate.

A week later, Yu and Yosuke would team up with Iori Hida to fight against Rock, Benny and Daisuke Motomiya. While the match was labeled as one of the Worst Matches in AWF,the angle aren't. As another brawl spews out, Kanji, hunting for Rock backstage, orders for Teddie to hide inside a limo before Rock ambushes him. As Teddie enters the limo, Dutch reveals himself as the driver, kidnapping Teddie in the process.

In WrestlingEdit

Entrance ThemeEdit

  • "Nightmare" by Jim Johnston (Yu's theme)
  • "Big Balls" by AC/DC (Yosuke and Kanji's theme)
  • "Reach Out To The Truth" (Occasionally)
  • "This Is Extreme" by Harry Slash and the Slashtones (Group)

Trivia Edit