This Wiki contains unmarked spoilers about all materials related to the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse. Proceed with caution!

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Welcome to the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse Wiki,
a fan Wiki dedicated to Fiction Wrestling.
This Wiki's incredibly ambitious goal is to gather all materials related to the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse. Anyone can edit, and any help is appreciated, as long as the Wiki's rules are respected!

Welcome to the Fiction Wrestling Multiverse Wiki!

Right here, you will find all topics related to anything about the fiction wrestling multiverse. Companies, Original Characters, Fictional ones, title belts, wrestling events, trivia, and even info about the Multiverse itself.

The wiki is constantly updated with new pages, photos, history and much more. This way, your journey to discover Fiction Wrestling will become as interesting and detailed as possible, and hopefully, maybe we will manage to convince you to kick-start your company someday.

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About Fiction WrestlingEdit

What is Fiction Wrestling, you may ask? Fiction Wrestling is, simply put, a fan-made wrestling story featuring characters from various franchises of all types (Mangas, Animes, Video Games, Comic Books, Ads, Animation...). Fiction Wrestling didn't begin the way we know it today. It, in fact began as a fan-made version of WWE where fictional characters wrestled and acted just like the WWE superstars. However, thanks to the two companies that changed it all, CWF and CASZ, characters that are copies of real life superstars no longer exist. Now-a-days, superstars use gimmicks, move sets, entrances and so on inspired by the real life stars, but are in no way a copy.

Years after CWF and CASZ, numerous other companies started to appear, making the multiverse bigger, and bigger. What started as, the way critics and haters put it, "WWE Fan-made" became something completely different. That is when we created the term of "Fiction Wrestling Multiverse."